Jonathan Mapp CFP

Jonathan Mapp CFP


I moved to Shropshire in 1988, where I started a family and later began my career in financial services. I began my career working for Pearl Assurance in 1996; I found this provided a great foundation for initial training but being part of a direct sales office which was not independent didn’t work for me. I then worked for a small family firm in Shrewsbury before moving onto Thinc, followed by Bluefin, before finally establishing Tucana FP in 2010.

The journey through the various business models led me along with the two other partners – Geoff and Lance – to draw the same conclusion; that a small, private-client focused and highly qualified financial planning business was the best way to answer the needs of our clients.

My commitment to qualifications and personal development led to me to being granted the Certified Financial Planner licence in 2005. The commitment to professional study is an excellent example of the company policy of having all staff highly qualified and educated in their field. Beyond work commitments, I love to cook, especially at weekends (and of course, this has to be enjoyed with a bottle of wine). In days of fewer responsibilities I played a lot of golf, reaching the dizzy heights of county player, but now it’s just the odd casual game with friends and clients. Much of my exercise time is taken up with walking my two young gun dogs on the Shropshire Hills. My other passions include following the Shrewsbury Town Football Club where you can see honest down to earth professionals playing the game. This is of course balanced out with family holidays spent visiting sunnier locations.

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