Claire Hudson

Claire Hudson

Financial Planner

I ‘wear a few hats’ here at Tucana. My main job is providing technical support for Lance and Joe. That means I do research, write reports, and talk to their clients.

I also have some clients of my own. It’s reassuring that some are referrals from referrals. Some of them are via friends I met while scuba diving in Egypt – it’s my main hobby, and it’s fun doing client meetings on a boat in the middle of the Red Sea!

Before joining Tucana in 2015, I had similar jobs at other small financial advice companies. In fact, I’ve worked in the financial services profession since my A levels in 1997. Everyone is different, and that’s what keeps the work interesting. I hold a Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning and am working towards Chartered status.

It’s not so bad now, but 10 or 15 years ago, a female adviser was a rarity. I still find that some clients particularly appreciate a feminine take on their finances.

My favourite thing is helping clients to reach their goals, and the most extraordinary meetings are the ones where I can tell people they finally have a choice about whether to carry on working or if they can afford to reduce their hours.

When I’m not underwater, my other hobbies are swimming and running. I’m based in the Tucana office near Heathfield.

My message to you

You need to keep communicating with us the same way we try to keep communicating with you.
So, please be honest about what you actually spend and what you really want to do. If you don’t tell us you want to move house, go on lovely holidays or help your kids onto the property ladder, we can’t help you. Also, remember to pick up the phone or drop us an email if there’s a massive change in your life. Otherwise, it’s like a jigsaw with half the pieces missing, and we can’t build you a realistic financial plan.

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