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Tucana is different, because we take a scientific approach to investing (as stated in our slogan, above). It means we’re not swayed by media hysteria. Rather, we make a solid long-term plan, and stick to it. We do this because know this approach works – and can prove it.

Our partners

We’re members of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (CISI) – you’ll see their logo at the foot of our home page and newsletters. This means we have a large network of peers we can share ideas and insights with. It’s also a hallmark of quality that means you can be confident that we abide by their code of ethics and practice standards.

We were originally approved as an Accredited Financial Planning FirmTM by the Institute of Financial Planning. IFP was the professional body for financial planners in the UK, now merged with CISI.

In 2015, we began a collaboration with two other independent financial advisory firms that we’d known and trusted for at least 15 years. Pooling resources means we can explore new areas, challenge each other’s beliefs, and devise new initiatives to benefit our clients.

This is the Trivium Investment Committee. We meet every quarter to reevaluate our offering, review our investment processes, and research newly available solutions.

Some of the projects we’ve explored include:

  • In-depth research of passive v active portfolio management
  • Full market review of investment platform providers
  • In-depth due diligence of fund providers and discretionary portfolio managers

In case you’re wondering why we chose the name Trivium, it’s because it’s a ‘systematic method of critical thinking’, or ‘the place where three roads meet’.

Our people

Tucana was founded in 2010, by Geoff Matthews, Lance Baron and Jonathan Mapp. Geoff has long since retired.

Our brand

You might wonder why there are shooting stars in our logo. That’s because ‘Tucana’ comes from the constellation in the southern sky named after the toucan (the bird featured in the old Guinness ads and at the head of this page).

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